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Dreamers, lovers of bad movies.... [03 Dec 2010|10:30am]
Save Cinema Insomnia

Feliz Cumpleanos [10 Aug 2010|10:27pm]
a: Mike, Iggy san, Mr. Kunicki & the guy from the office.

Satisfy this hungerness [09 Aug 2010|03:44am]
...we are creatures of the wind.

There are few things that I love as much as roaming a city after midnight; D.C. is no exception. IKB is up there too. Not to mention all the amazing people I have come to know and enjoy spending every day with. I can't even come close to describing my gratitude for this experience. It's too big, too large to summarize, even with the aid of thousands of photographs. This is our last week. I'm excited and nervous about NYC; this is the first time I've been back since 9/11. I really hope Josette is able to come out and share these memories with us. First things first, Lincoln's Waffle House in t-minus 4 hours.

[20 May 2010|02:14am]
I can't sleep. Bwahahaha!

deus ex machina [07 May 2010|12:01am]
There is a god.

Channel 8 reported that it's closing completely, but the website hasn't updated the story yet.

Detective, thrill me.
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as long as you love people... [05 May 2010|12:50am]
...there's always going to be something


La cigarra [03 May 2010|12:48am]
The cicadas are out!! Just in time to bring me luck for finals.

Me encanta.

may 22 [20 Apr 2010|10:13pm]
[cheering in panjabi]

i don't want anything less
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Day 135 [16 Apr 2010|02:17pm]
Reading your letter and trying to imagine everything you say brings a whimsical smile to my face.

Abbr. [03 Apr 2010|11:33pm]
Last post before graduation:

* 30% of my grades are due this month; it's crunch time.
* Cap, gown, and dress are chilling in the closet.
* Quit my job last week, last official day is the 16th.
* Unemployable until August, let me know if anyone needs his house cleaned.
* Grad bbq postponed, pending on new job.
* How to Train Your Dragon was AMAZING, thank you quit party.
* Misutility has marked lines, seedlings have sprouted, watch out Evelyn Fox Keller.
* 3221 has rearranged furniture & is a collective go for 2011.
* Gen is still out to pasture but I'm going to get around to the Kidney Foundation eventually.
* My iron level is up for the first time in 3 years, and if I could saturate myself to the point where they could find my veins then I can start donating again.
* Dee should come to VA, and Kae should still come too.
* I miss my NOVA family, and Easter is going to be lonely.

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Day 111 [23 Mar 2010|11:32pm]
Funny how the heart always sees what is invisible to the eyes.

Day 102 [14 Mar 2010|11:13pm]
I think it's fair to say that the failure to communicate on EVERYONES part played a major factor in this cluster-fuck of a dilemma.

Day 79 [19 Feb 2010|12:08am]
She says that "wasn't me" b/c I guess I was never around but I can't be around forever.

[14 Feb 2010|09:08pm]
sept. 1st. got it.

Day 73 [13 Feb 2010|10:48pm]
Like I said, we'll go see my artist in Leesburg this Summer.

Day 65 [05 Feb 2010|02:10am]
I hope you can truly understand where I'm coming from sometimes.

Day 59 [30 Jan 2010|02:08am]
Everyday I jump out of my seat when they announce "mail call" but I never get anything.

best news of 2009 [30 Dec 2009|12:33am]
best news in 7 years.

loretta is in middleburg.

after 7 years of praying... i'm speechless.

nova here i come.

celebration week [07 Dec 2009|12:28am]

1 year ago 12/5: we met, talked about Chandrayaan-1, took a ride to kroger wearing a top hat, bought a box of chocolates and ate them on the ride home, wrote my number on your table cloth.

1ya 12/6: you called me after work, we talked about hitler, drank white wine from someone's backpack, and spent the night.

1ya 12/7: took you to work and picked you up, had mary angela's & free bin lunch, talked about the weirdest people we know, stopped at a gas station on the way to target and found a mystery vhs sitting on the pump, came back to my house to decorate the christmas tree, ate cookies and watched old christmas cartoons.

1ya 12/8: i skipped work to hang out, we went back to target to get a new pair of pants b/c you couldn't find the ones you bought the day before, i picked you up after work, we rented youth without youth, i made you dinner, had a long talk about relationships and where we thought this was going.

1ya 12/9: woke and realized this was worth deviating from the norm, worth breaking personal resolutions, worth changing the future for.

happy anniversary mr. miller
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if i don't have your email [20 Nov 2009|01:23am]
Everybody Everybody,

Quick facts catch-up:

* Here's a really handy website I found recently trying to dispose of paint.
* Stats from 2009 HCA VA 8k on Saturday: There were 559 finishers in your age group and 3542 total finishers. Your overall finish place was 1723, your age group finish place was 172 and your gender finish place was 797. Your chip time was 00:51:48 and your pace was 10:12 per mile. You can find full results here.
* Anne (my computer) went out and now there is Lappy, an MSI Wind.
* A month left of school to go!
* Send me your skype!!!

More later. Cheers!


ps: while it did not explode, it really did catch on fire.
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