Starrboard1 (starrboard1) wrote,

if i don't have your email

Everybody Everybody,

Quick facts catch-up:

* Here's a really handy website I found recently trying to dispose of paint.
* Stats from 2009 HCA VA 8k on Saturday: There were 559 finishers in your age group and 3542 total finishers. Your overall finish place was 1723, your age group finish place was 172 and your gender finish place was 797. Your chip time was 00:51:48 and your pace was 10:12 per mile. You can find full results here.
* Anne (my computer) went out and now there is Lappy, an MSI Wind.
* A month left of school to go!
* Send me your skype!!!

More later. Cheers!


ps: while it did not explode, it really did catch on fire.
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