Starrboard1 (starrboard1) wrote,

celebration week

1 year ago 12/5: we met, talked about Chandrayaan-1, took a ride to kroger wearing a top hat, bought a box of chocolates and ate them on the ride home, wrote my number on your table cloth.

1ya 12/6: you called me after work, we talked about hitler, drank white wine from someone's backpack, and spent the night.

1ya 12/7: took you to work and picked you up, had mary angela's & free bin lunch, talked about the weirdest people we know, stopped at a gas station on the way to target and found a mystery vhs sitting on the pump, came back to my house to decorate the christmas tree, ate cookies and watched old christmas cartoons.

1ya 12/8: i skipped work to hang out, we went back to target to get a new pair of pants b/c you couldn't find the ones you bought the day before, i picked you up after work, we rented youth without youth, i made you dinner, had a long talk about relationships and where we thought this was going.

1ya 12/9: woke and realized this was worth deviating from the norm, worth breaking personal resolutions, worth changing the future for.

happy anniversary mr. miller
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