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Last post before graduation:

* 30% of my grades are due this month; it's crunch time.
* Cap, gown, and dress are chilling in the closet.
* Quit my job last week, last official day is the 16th.
* Unemployable until August, let me know if anyone needs his house cleaned.
* Grad bbq postponed, pending on new job.
* How to Train Your Dragon was AMAZING, thank you quit party.
* Misutility has marked lines, seedlings have sprouted, watch out Evelyn Fox Keller.
* 3221 has rearranged furniture & is a collective go for 2011.
* Gen is still out to pasture but I'm going to get around to the Kidney Foundation eventually.
* My iron level is up for the first time in 3 years, and if I could saturate myself to the point where they could find my veins then I can start donating again.
* Dee should come to VA, and Kae should still come too.
* I miss my NOVA family, and Easter is going to be lonely.

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