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starrboard1's Journal

29 April 1984
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Don't dream it; be it.
- Dr. Frankenfurter
adaptation, adoption, anthropology, antique stores, apartheid, architecture, art, astronomy, atlantic studies, barbering, battlestar galactica, big science, biking, bill bryson, blood drives, book collecting, burial practices, burlesque, cancer culture, carl sagan, cartography, catholicism, cemeteries, children's literature, china, christology, civil rights movement, collecting magnets, comic books, community involvement, crafts, creature features, crocheting, cultural identities, culture shock, david bowie, diabetic diet, dive bars, documentaries, donating bone marrow, dr. who, e.s.l. education, educational theory, engineering, environmental history, ethnic food, eugenics, euro basket, evolution, family, feminism, floral arranging, foreign cinema, frida khalo, fukuzawa yukichi, gardening, gender studies, geology, gullah, gynecology, henry lewis gates jr., highways, history, history of medicine, humane genome project, immigration, indian sign language, isabel allende, john cleese, jose vasconcelos, judaism, karl popper, katsuhito ishii, keeping it weird, korean dramas, kurt vonnegut, landscaping, languages, lgbt rights, library science, local government, mass communications, mental health care, mestizaje, meteorology, mexico, michael nyman, monasteries, movies, multiculturalism, museum science, music, musical instruments, musicals, mysteries, mythology, neil gaiman, novelas, obstetrics, organizing, orthodox christianity, our bodies ourselves, pacific theater of war, pennies, physics, poetry, polaroids, politics, postcards, reproductive rights, richmond, rituals, road trips, rowing, running, sabado gigante, schizophrenia, scholarly journals, science, science fiction, singing, social work, socialism, southern california, spanish missions, sputnik, stage crew, statistics, stephen jay gould, stories, stouts, superstitions, tai chi, tea, teaching, technology, the desert, the outdoors, the triangle trade, theater, traditions, traveling, trivia, u.s. history, united nations, vegan cooking, vernon l. kellogg, veronica mars, vulcanology, world war two